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Lastest Update 12 December 2018
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If you’re looking for a customizable, easy-to-use Joomla! social plugin that won’t bog down your website, JS Ultimate Social Share is an optimal solution. With its sleek, stylish aesthetics, numerous customization options, and user-friendly interface, this social sharing plugin is a definite standout. Unlike most Joomla! social plugins, JS Ultimate Social Share won’t slow your site down. By using it on your Joomla! site, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of having social media buttons for your content without sacrificing page load times.
js ultimate social share

Fast Sharing Buttons

Loads through Javascript and CSS. No iframes! With counts, without counts, with network names and pretty native buttons.


There are 8 different skins at this moment: Default, Simple, Minimal, Modern, Jet, Easy, Round, Mono
js ultimate social share

Fan Counters

There are more than 20 different kinds!



Amazingly Intuitive

Special attention was given to the backend. Whereas most Joomla! extensions use built in backend interfaces, JS Ultimate Social Share is created from the perspective of being intuitive and easy to use. A clean interface, combined with logical menu items, drag & drop sort functionality and display of relevant fields.

Additional Features

This plugin is the total package. It’s attractive, easy to use and very effective. By allowing visitors to share your content with the click of the mouse button, you can increase visibility and put social signals to work for you. This plugin features automatic updates too, so you won’t have to tinker around with it over and over again. Just install it, adjust the settings as needed and be on your way. Your Joomla! site will boast colorful, attractive social media buttons, and it will still load quickly and efficiently.
  • 22+ Social buttons
  • 20+ Fan counters
  • Fully responsive (loosk great on ALL devices using a special Mobile Mode)
  • 8+ Awesome looking skins (retina ready)
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Many display locations
  • Intuitive shortcodes
  • Tons of options and opportunities to customize
  • Drag & Drop ordering
  • Adjust the default color for each button and define the hover color as well
  • You can exclude buttons as needed
  • You can define the width and height of each popup box
  • Email sharing
  • You can hide share counter
  • You can hide the name of the button
  • Easy to install and configure

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