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  3. Tuesday, 10 January 2017
I'v installed the JS Social Slider but is not working properly!

I'm working with joomla 3 youjoomla template called "meetup":

after installation of the module i'v done following steps:
- chosen footer as module position debug was not available
Then page opened with an error i'v followed all steps:
Not workiing

- installed (on my local server) jqueryeasy and put all settings as recommended

Not working :(

Then i found out there was something with Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin
So disabled it and yes something start to work…but not as it should be
- horizontal bar instead of vertical and nothing works if clicking on icons

So after busy for hours it's not working…thought it was a easy plug and play module!
So now i give up!

Hope it can be (easily) solved with your help. Because don't like spending more time on it!


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