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  3. Saturday, 18 March 2017
I have an issue with mobile view. The problem is nothing else is clickable except social slider icons. The + button also doesn't produce popup of social links either? It seems it an entire overlay may be the issue. It's like there is an overlay, z-index issue or something. I do not have any console errors.

My setup is J 3.6.5 with warp7 yootheme template testing on android galaxy s5 device and samsung tab4 tablet. Both the same result.

I also loaded protostar and beez with nothing except homepage article showing. i tried footer and debug positions for each. Mixed result but similar.

On atomic debug position mobile view is entire overlay on android with + icons fully opened.
On protostar both debug and footer position same as if I used yootheme template.

Are there any additional jqueryeasy settings or something I'm missing?
Is it because of joomla 3.6.5? This is the only thing I can think of.
I also tested on your website with my mobile devices and your website works great.
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