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  3. Wednesday, 25 September 2019

I have a small problem with the "S Font Awesome Migrate" plugin. I try to use our font awesome pro collection instead of the old Font Awesome 4.7 collection in our template. The problem is now when I "activate" the plugin it switches correct to the Font Awesome 5.x Free collection.

Now my questions:

1. How can I set it to our Pro collection link?
2. The exchange for the e.g. fa-facebook icon will not be replaced correctly. I tried to add inside the plugin setting this pair: "fa-facebook" -> "fab fa-facebook-square" and I also tried "fa fa-facebook" -> "fab fa-facebook-square". But none of these pairs seems to work. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Please check the URL below and you can see it yourself in the top of the website.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply in advance!