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  3. Wednesday, 19 April 2017
Unable to get JS Ultimate Share to display on a certain pages. I only want it to display on Blog pages and the Resources page of my site. Right now it displays perfectly on Blog pages but is not appearing on the Resources pages.

Resources Page: http://www.trixstar.com/newtrix/index.php/resources (Uses eDocman module)

Blog Page: http://www.trixstar.com/newtrix/index.php/blog/17-inspiration/43-dave-grohl-s-principles-of-a-happy-successful-life (Using simple joomla article blog)

I installed and tested your jquery fix but it did not fix it (it is currently disabled).

Is their a shortcode I can use to have it display in module position and set it to resources page? I tried your demo shortcode and it displayed but I need the exact share that is on Blog pages on my Resources page.
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